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Meet diver. You, diver. His weaponry: infinite spears.

Fun Fact: It's humanly impossible to carry more than four regular-sized sportsman spears while swimming.

Jellyfish swim from the bottom of the screen to the top until they surface. One hit and it's jelly jam.

Fun Fact: Jellyfish are very commonly found in warm waters, usually in June and July. These fish contain nematocysts, or stinging cells, used for paralyzing prey and predators. If stung by one, a person will feel numbness. A few species are deadly to human beings.

Rays swim in direct paths across screen. Two hits and it's scallops for supper.

Fun Fact: Rays have been given the nickname "devil fish" because of their long tails. These tails can regenerate within a few months after being cut off. Fisherman and aquarists alike take special precautions while handling them, as stings are incredibly painful. If stung, victims must immediately seek medical help or they will become very ill, and in extreme cases, even die from the poison. The injections can come from their horned tails or their spiny horns.

  Small Sharks
They travel alone when you're at your first Power level, but when you begin to advance in the game, small sharks will travel in schools of up to five at a time. The second toughest fish that you will face, one can take up to 10 hits to defeat.

Fun Fact: Both younger and older sharks usually swim together. To breathe, sharks must constantly swim at all times or find a highly enriched oxygen cove.

The main event, the king of the ocean, the seventh wonder of the world... the 5-foot robotic shark! Jaws is the boss and requires a Power Level of at least 4 or 5. After you defeat him underwater, you must then finish him off with your sail boat's bowsprit during the final showdown.

Fun Fact: Great white sharks are so powerful that some deep sea fishermen keep shotguns on board in case they come across one.