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  Sail Boat
The sail boat is used to navigate the map, to bomb Jaws, and to deliver the final blow to the shark at the end.
  The Receiver
You will exchange five conch shells in the second port to obtain the receiver. Listen to it carefully, because when you are close to Jaws, it will begin beeping like crazy.
  Sea Plane
While you are not upgrading your sail boat or hunting down a man-eating shark, it's good to get away every once in a while. Why not relax by bombing the ocean in a sea plane? That always helps to take the edge off. During the Bonus scene, you will pilot a sea plane to try to hit as many jellyfish as you can. The more you eradicate, the more conch shells will be awarded to you!
After acquiring 20 conch shells, or reaching Power Level 5, the mini-sub will appear on the map. The mini-sub can shoot missiles, instead of spears, and drop bombs. It can also maneuver better than the diver. If you are hit, you will lose the mini-sub, but it will reappear again on the map.