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How do I beat Jaws?

Just when you thought he was dead...

It seemed impossible to stab Jaws when I was younger, but now that I know his routine, it's a cinch. Jaws is constantly in motion, so you must follow his path as he comes at you. If he is not lined up and centered with the bowsprit of the sail boat, don't waste any of your strobe lights. Wait for him to go back underwater and then try to center yourself again.

When you have Jaws lined up with your bowsprit, you will need to press A at just the right time. This is the tricky part.

This is the right time.

Jaws should be just barely touching the tip of the bowsprit when you use a strobe light. He will then come out of the water and start spinning. Now what you must do is wait until you see his white belly; that is when you should push B to jam the pole right it into the shark. If you did this correctly, you will see a red blast.

Note that during this last scene, you cannot pause the game.

If the bowsprit did not connect, consult the following checklist.

  • Remember, to raise Jaws out of the water, push A, and to jab, it's B. Don't confuse them!

  • It's three strikes, or however many other strobe lights that you have purchased, and you're out! You only have to jab him one time to win, so even if you have used up all of your others, you still have one more chance.

  • Don't shoot until you see the white of his belly! Focus, focus, focus.

  • Study the shark's movements! Learn his patterns to track him more easily.

  • Lastly, the most important thing is to be patient and take your time! This scene is not timed, so do not feel rushed to waste your precious strobe lights.

Still stuck? Watch a master, me, beat Jaws on my second strobe light (and only at Power Level 3)! You will need to have a copy of NESticle to run the movie and a .zip program to unzip the file. Right-click and save:

How powerful a shark hunter can I become?

Tired of being the old man in the sea and getting pushed around by Jaws? Conch shells are the ticket to showing him who's boss. By alternating visits to the two ports, your Power Level can reach a maximum of 9. But don't stop there! After maxing your Power Level, you can use more conch shells to purchase additional strobe lights to use against Jaws during the final scene of the game (see above). You can carry nine strobe lights at one time, which translates to nine tries against Jaws in the final scene.

Help, I'm in a tight pinch! Is there any way I can protect myself from Jaws?

Stay at the surface of the water, and Jaws can't hurt you. He'll safely pass right on by. This trick will not work on any of the other sea creatures, though.

This time it's personal. How can I piss off Jaws?

Stay at a port long enough, and Jaws will appear. While you are still anchored safely, the stupid shark won't be able to reach you; he'll hopelessly smack against the land, crazed and desperate for some diver blood. Everyone together now, sing "Mack the Knife!"