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Pick up your Jaws game pak, gently blow on its bottom contacts, then insert it into your Nintendo Entertainment System and push the power button. If your television screen blinks and Jaws does not load, remove the game pak and blow into it some more. If you answer to a higher deity, now is a good time to offer up your praises and prayers. If afterwards your Jaws game pak still does not work, then you are a sinful, godless person, or you need to replace your system's 72-pin connector. Please adjust your life or Nintendo Entertainment System accordingly.

After pushing the Start button on the title screen, you will begin at the first of two ports in the game. Before moving, take note of the information at the bottom of the screen: Score, Conch Shells, Power Level, and the current Power of Jaws. What we'll be focusing on first is collecting conch shells. We need to initially obtain five, and many more after that. Let's now embark on our exciting seafaring journey, shall we?

Move your sail boat about by using the Control Pad and explore around the map. When you have sailed long enough, a message may appear telling you that you have "Hit Something" or that you have "Hit Jaws." Either way, you will be taken to an underwater side view scene.

Rays, jellyfish, and small sharks will swim across the watery scene. Get used to them as you will be seeing a lot of this sea life from now on.

Now it's time to do that voodoo that you do so well: shoot, shoot, shoot. Press the B button to shoot spears at the defenseless sea creatures around you. Don't worry about running out; somehow, you have an unlimited supply inside of your scuba suit to overfish the entire Atlantic. After hitting the rays twice, or the jellyfish once, they will randomly drop one of three items: a starfish, a crab, or a conch shell. Starfish add points to your score, while crabs speed up the diver. The conch shells are needed to purchase equipment and to increase your Power Level.

Note: If you run into Jaws early on in the game, make sure to swim away from him. It's not too hard to do; just keep an eye on your surroundings. Do not attempt to fight him; you are not a powerful enough shark hunter yet. But you will be soon enough.

During your deep sea encounters, you will score many points. If you gain enough of these points from collecting items, killing innocent aquatic animals (small sharks=500 points, rays=100 points, jellyfish=50 points), or shooting at Jaws (20 points per hit), you will be escorted to the Bonus scene where you will take to the skies in a sea plane and bomb synchronized swimming jellyfish because you have no regard for nature or Greenpeace. The more jellyfish you hit, the more conch shells you will be awarded with at the end.

Hopefully by the time that you reach the second port, you have already collected five conch shells. Now sail into shore (look at the geography page for exactly where).

Congratulations, you have acquired the receiver to track Jaws! There's no use for it since you can see the shark's massive dorsal fin in the water when your sail boat comes close to him.

Regardless, you have have the thing now, and you have also lost your five conch shells. For reasons not explained, merchants in this game use conch shells as their currency.

Now that you've gotten your nifty new pointless toy, it's time for some more conch shell collecting.

(The next step is not required; you may wish to skip it.)

(Optional) After scene after scene of swimming and spearing, you will eventually possess 20 conch shells in your inventory. Make your way into the second port again, and a mini-sub should appear somewhere on the map.

The mini-sub is the coolest thing in the game, so make sure that you hop aboard it. Now in underwater stages, you can become a deranged Captain Nemo and fire missiles and drop bombs. Plus, if you are hit, instead of losing a life and having to start over, you will simply return to your original diver form.

If you lose your mini-sub, look around the map. The mini-sub is not needed to beat the game, but it does come in handy.

It's time to level up so that you can face Jaws. You can comfortably defeat him at Power Level 4 or 5, or you can max out at 9 to easily turn the shark into seafood. When you have three conch shells in your possession after receiving the receiver, sail back to the first port to raise your Power Level to 2. To reach the next level, you will need five more conch shells, but you cannot go back to the same port again; you will have to alternate between the two ports in order to raise your Power Level.

While you are searching for more conch shells at the higher Power Levels, you might think that the game is becoming harder. That's very perceptive of you. Schools of small sharks, up to five at a time, will dart from both sides of the screen, and jellyfish can show up in greater numbers, too. There are also the rare incidents of rays swimming twice the normal speed. My one advice is to stay away from shallow water near land! It's never good to have two hungry small sharks coming at you, with jellyfish floating nearby, when you have little-to-no room.

Power Level 4 requires seven conch shells and Power Level 5, 10. For Power Level 6, it's another 15, and Power Level 7 is 20, and so on. When you are at 4 or 5 Power Level, it's time to start focusing on the Big Daddy of the Deep. You know who he is, and you finally have your cocktail sauce ready!

You've hit Jaws! Time to dance, fish face! At the start of the encounter, you will be in the sail boat. Press B or A, depending on which side Jaws is coming from, to toss bombs at him. When he hits your sail boat, you will be thrown into the water and the final fight will begin.

If you have ever tried to take on Jaws at lower Power Levels, you will already be aware that he is built like a tank and will regenerate a third of his strength if you are not fast enough.

Well, it's time for a little revenge. Since you are at a higher Power Level now, he will be a pushover. Simply keep filling him with spears, or attack him with the mini-sub, until his power is completely drained.


Oh no, Jaws has returned again! Just like those stupid sequels, he keeps coming back!

This is the trickiest part of the entire game. If you did not power yourself past Power Level 9 so that you could purchase additional strobe lights, you will only have three strobe lights in your inventory to use, which if my math is correct, means that you only have three tries to hit Jaws. To stab him, line Jaws up with the top of your sail boat's bowsprit and then push A when he's just about touching the very tip of it (see the Tips page for more information). Once you hit A, the shark will come up from the water and begin spinning around like a briny ballerina. When you see his white belly, that's the time to push B quickly, which should create a bloody hole in the giant fish. Dinner is served.

The game is ended, go in peace.

The End.