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Masked Ninja Hanamaru (Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru):
The Famicom Yo! Noid

First Level: Harbor

Subtract the pizza references, replace the Noid with a masked ninja, and trade in the yo-yo for a bird and you essentially have the Famicom version in a nutshell (although there are a few other changes as well).

Masked Ninja Hanamaru Yo! Noid

The levels appear in the same order as Yo! Noid.

Second Level

Third Level

Fourth Level

Fifth Level

Sixth Level

Eighth Level

Side-by-side comparisons between the two versions' sprites:

Notice the more sinister-looking enemies on the left. (The bird-loving ninja looks a tad more mysterious, too, wearing those giant Elton John shades.)

One of the bigger differences is the end-level card battling.

The bosses here are a lot more creative than the rainbow-colored Noids. These matches work the same as the pizza eating contests in that items you picked up along the way (such as the II cards) can be used to your benefit. The goal is identical, except, of course, you're no longer scarfing down high-calorie pizza pies.