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Birth of the Noid
One of the advertising giants of the eighties, the Noid was Domino's Pizza chance of creating a nationwide ad frenzy. They did not disappoint.

Like other company characters, Trix rabbit and the Cookie Crisp robber for a couple of examples, the Noid was a mischievous character on a mission to make pizzas cold with his "freeze ray". Although quite completely simple (and all the more dumbfound), the slogan: Avoid the Noid, became a hit catch-phrase.

Toys, Merchandise, and Video Games
Popularity and merchandise go together hand-in-hand in the advertisement business. The Noid was of no exception. Domino's Pizza handed out the license to numerous toy companies. The result was a bombardment of hats, pins, posable figures, and so much more.

Then came the games: Avoid the Noid was the first Noid game to be released exclusively on the computer. The game revolved around a deliveryman trying to get away from the Noid and his hijinks while delivering pizzas to a multi-level office building.

The second, and last, game gained a much larger fan base. This came to be Yo! Noid for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Rest in Peace
But the Noid didn't receive all good press. After the craze subsided and older commercials were played due to the lagging new ideas, fans of the Noid grew tired of him. Other icons, such as 7Up's Spot, were now popular hits.

Around this time an incident involving a promo event left a man dressed up as the Noid hiding for his life from a rebellious teenager gang. He was caught by the hoodlums (behind a tree) and beaten to death. This resulted in employee and fan boycotts until it finally became history.

Domino's Pizza quickly removed all promotions and commercials without any notices. The Noid vanished in the blink of an eye.